Petro Star FZE is a leading Business group engaging actively in the Petrochemical and gas sectors.

We produce a high quality of Bitumen and Solvents that could support the demands of our customers. We are proud of our engineering expertise and believe in our skills and that is a deciding factor in the growth of our business.

It is our Vision to be the Partner of Choice. Petro Star is built on its Commitment to deliver. We are a Goal Focussing Organisation providing exceptional Marker excess to our Principals best in Class Products and serve to our Customers and high return on investment to our Shareholders.

Our Strength is our high-end service that enables us to respond to the market needs in a timely manner. We are a Completely Customer-driven Organisation, supplying Top quality services as per the requirement of our valued customers at the best Competitive price. Furthermore we believe in maintaining long term healthy Business relationships with our esteemed Customers.

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The only Resource Center our Clients would ever need to procure Petroleum products.



We Are Committed to Do Whatever It Takes for Our Clients By delivering value and Results to business.

Values - What Do We Stand For?

1. Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behaviour

We shall be seen as a company that behaves with the highest standards of honest and ethical behaviour. We shall be straight forward in all communication within and outside the company, and ensure that everyone in our organisation acts with integrity & honesty.

2. Making Things Happen

We make things happen through a 'Whatever It Takes' attitude by taking responsibility for our actions and providing solutions to problems.

3. Continuous Improvement

We learn from our mistakes now rather than later. Through learning we improve and innovate our internal processes and systems, as well as products and services to ensure our clients’ results & success.

4. Rewarding Success

Success is measured by results achieved. The people rewarded then are those that take action and achieve the desired results.

5. Passion & Fun

We love what we do and are passionate about it. We enjoy and have fun in our work place with each other and with our clients.